Ready for Bathroom Renovations? Select Custom Design to Increase Home Value

Many people overlook the importance of the bathroom in a household. It is where one relaxes and cleanses themselves from the stress of the entire day. Hence, it is important that the bathroom be functional, convenient, and pleasing. For several years, people have ignored the bathroom and viewed it purely from a utilitarian aspect. But these days, the generation stands to understand the need for a good bathroom and has started investing in it profoundly. Modern homes designed by contemporary architects have better and functional & custom design bathrooms. Homeowners are also indulging in bathroom renovations to upgrade their comfort levels and the value of their homes.

Following are some tips to elevate your bathroom and improve its functionality:

1. Plan – Plan and conceptualize what exactly you want in your new bathroom. Speak to your family members who will be sharing the bathroom to find their requirements. Plan the space that is available and how you are going to utilize it. Budget your renovation costs depending on the changes you are making in terms of structure and new sanitary ware that you will be purchasing. You can consult with a contractor to ascertain a budget and try to stick to it.

2. Customise – While it is good to ask people for opinions or refer to images, always figure what you want and prioritize your needs. Add items that will offer customized support and comfort to you and others who are using the bathroom. There are several fittings such as vanity sets, double sinks, tubs, saunas, etc, which can add luxury to your bath, but see if they fulfill your requirements and choose wisely.

3. Less is more – Even if you have budget or space constraints, you can still make your bathroom look and feel luxurious by incorporating some simple hacks. Pedal sinks instead of normal ones, clear shower glass partitions instead of shower curtains, and a large mirror instead of a mirror on a cabinet are few things that can help in this.

4. Ventilation – No matter how fancy your bathroom is, if there is not a proper exhaust or ventilation system, space can feel musty and stifling. Besides retaining the heat and vapor, it can also promote the growth of fungi and mildew, which will impart a musty smell to your bathroom and cause health concerns. Hence, ensure there is proper ventilation to retain the dryness in the space.

Choose a renovation company & Local bathroom tilers like AJB Plumbing and Gas who will inspect your site and consider your needs and budget to suggest custom design bathroom renovation ideas that incorporate modern luxury with everyday comfort. They should be able to undertake all the activities, starting from the demolishing of your old bathroom and removing the scrap to procuring the raw materials and items to finishing the job ready for use.

A bonus would be if they have a skilled team of plumbers, carpenters, local bathroom tilers, waterproofers, electricians, painters, and plasterers at their disposal so that the work will be done within the stipulated timeline.

Custom Design Bathroom Renovations

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