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Laundry Renovation and Design Services in Wollongong

A messy, ill-organised laundry can make chores more difficult to handle. Having a laundry that matches your home or brand-new bathroom not only adds colour but also increases the value of your estate. Your place looks more spacious with increase storage areas, giving a vibrant, modern feel to your home. Laundry renovation by AJB Plumbing and Gas in Wollongong is done by certified professionals. Our service comes with a competent price for laundry renovations.

Get along with our expert renovation and remodeling team to decide your dream laundry room. Add luxury and convenience to your small laundry room to perform your chores more efficiently.

Laundry Design and Renovation- Features That Need Consideration

Modern laundry rooms are more than simple washing areas. These spaces have become multipurpose and can become real game changers for modern inhabitants. It harbours much more than washing and drying appliances. Whenever you wish to get your laundry room remodelled, consider the following features for a small but efficient laundry room:

PVC or linen cupboards: To store your laundry items in wooden cupboards increases the chances of pest infestation. This is due to wood holding moisture and attracting pests. Using PVC or linen cupboards can effectively resolve such an issue.

Pull-out ironing board: An iron board that can put away when not in use and be pulled out easily to iron clothes increases space as well as your convenience.

Coat hooks: A coat hook can come in handy when you need to dry clothes away from direct sunlight. Moreover, these coat hooks can also be useful for hanging coats and scarves.

Shoe storage: A spot to store shoes and sandals ensures that the area is clean and organised.

Multi-use trough: This helps in draining or washing away clothes that have stubborn stains.

Space-Saving Tiny Laundry Room Renovation in Illawarra

Creating practical working laundry spaces for last 22 years, AJB Plumbing and Gas is among Wollongong’s leading laundry makeover specialists. Our laundry renovations are functional, affordable, and add a pleasing aesthetic.

With the help of our qualified team, you get the best space-saving laundry room. Whether you want the laundry to be situated in your basement or next to your bathroom, we can do it all. Our custom option ensures that you have a laundry room that meets your specific needs. We have a plethora of custom bathroom cabinetry ideas for you to select from.

Why Choose Us for Small Laundry Renovation?

  • 22 years+ industry experience

  • Use space effectively

  • Competitive prices

  • Warranted and insured assistance

  • Quality laundry makeovers

  • Use of only premium-quality products and equipment

  • Transparent service

Small Laundry Renovation in Wollongong

Modern architecture provides the opportunity to use space for storage as well as other needs. At AJB Plumbing and Gas, our team members are expert laundry and bathroom renovators. Our ability to turn a small, cluttered space into a fully functional and practical laundry room is much loved in Sydney. Here are a few ways we help our customers. We help in:

  • Selecting choose waterproof and fireproof materials for small laundry rooms
  • Accessorising in a way that complements your space
  • Accommodating portable features for easy access
  • Correct positioning of washing machine
  • Ensuring ample drainage and trough space