Electric and Gas Hot Water System

Extra low waist pants, cigarettes in mouth, and untidy appearance pop in our minds as soon as we listen to the word “Plumber”. Stories of dealing with these tradies are very commonly heard. We all have that experience of dealing with these tradies – all the stress caused by their casual work etiquette.

On the other hand, the Sydney region has a different experience with highly professional, neatly dressed plumbers providing expert service. In addition, they are also witnessing extremely polite tradesmen and decent customer service for pre and post-sale queries. It sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it? Well, you don’t need to scratch your head and wonder who has made this magic happen? The answer is AJB Bathrooms + Plumbing + Gas. We have been offering plumbing services for the past 18 years. Our constant hard work and determined approach are changing the definition of plumbing services in the area. Our team of highly professional and expert plumbers is the real heroes behind the magical experience and accomplishment of our company goals.

AJB Plumbing provides a range of high-quality services from commercial and residential plumbing, hot water repair service, cleaning of blocked drains, to plumbing maintenance of rental properties. We also provide gas hot water and electric hot water system installation and maintenance services. So, if you are planning for a renovation of your bathroom space, may it be just upgrading of fixtures and cabinets or entire layout change, AJB is a one-stop solution for everything you need. We will assist you in designing and executing your bathroom remodel at an affordable price. Our great relations with bathtub, sanitary ware, tapware, and shower screen providers can help you get these products at the best price. All you have to do is call us and share your requirements, consider the rest is done! Moreover, the laundry can be remodeled to make it more functional and aesthetic with the help of our expertise. So, call AJB Plumbing for an appointment today and get a free customized quotation for your dream bathroom renovation/expansion ideas.

Best Electric Hot Water System

AJB offers integrated services with gas water heating system installation, repair, and maintenance including drain root cleaning and sewer repair. Every gas water heater system and the electric hot water system fitted and maintained by AJB performs its best and lasts longer. Moreover, we are focused on providing high-quality service for a gas hot water system at the best price. We also assist in sourcing the best gas water heating system within the budget at no extra service charge.

AJB is becoming a popular gas hot water system with consistent service and quality work. With a proven track record, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and customer retention, we are one of the leading companies for plumbing. Many people living in this area are preferring AJB over big companies simply because of the trust that AJB has built over the past decade and more.

For all your needs regarding plumbing maintenance & upgrades, bathroom & laundry renovations, and gas hot water system, call us on 0437 245 905.